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  • Gazer Eyewear Sunglasses
  • Gazer Eyewear Sunglasses
  • Gazer Eyewear Sunglasses 
  •  Gazer Eyewear Sunglasses
  • Gazer Eyewear Sunglasses 
  • Gazer Eyewear Sunglasses 

From our grandfather’s carpentry to GAZER

From our grandfather’s carpentry to GAZER

The scent of wood followed us since our early childhood growing up in our grandfather’s carpentry. Daily we viewed this magical transformation from a simple piece of wood to spring hundreds of items making people's everyday lives easier and more beautiful.

We loved the wood until our late teens and helping our grandfather during our school holidays ended to be a pure pleasure. Although we did not follow his profession, it remained as a sweet hobby.

Following market signals, we studied optics and until today it’s our main occupation. In more than twenty years of active involvement, tens of thousands of all known and less known sunglasses and optical frames have passed through our hands, as well as thousands of consumers with various specifities and needs.

One of the problems we faced, especially in eyeglasses, was the weight. As fashion grew larger, so did the weight of the skeleton, creating the feeling of fatigue and pain around the nasal area. At that point we crossed our childhood roots with our professional experience and after lengthy searches, we ended up creating GAZER.

GAZER manufactures a collection of glasses with wooden frames that weigh only half of corresponding skeletons with conventional materials, fine finishing, elegance and style by using eco-friendly materials that do not harm the environment.

Our collection is not unique, but we believe it is the most comprehensive and provides the ability to convert and insight. With pride and pleasure we invite you to navigate in our collection.


The timelessness of wood embraces with absolute harmony this classic series of sunglasses and optical frames by adding a light rigor, as in nature.


As wood always elegantly framed mirrors, the handmade wooden frame of rosewood and walnut frames perfectly these trendy mirror glasses.


This series combines a classic material like wood, with bold imagination and colour for stunning appearances.

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